The Santa Clara Vanguard (SCV) Drum & Bugle Corps


Creative, Art Director, Designer

UX - UI - Visual - Iconography - graphics

Vanguard users

- Bingo players - Starting age:50
- Doners
- young students and juveniles
- parents

It narrows down to people of all ages with different tasks

Tasks that are meant to be accomplished by users on the website

Bingo players

Find out about the schedules
(opening and closing hours)


why donate - What department to donate


Latest events - latest news - find out about different programs - schedules - shop


Latest events - latest news - shop - Schedules - find out about different programs


The decision on the hamburger menu and its challenges:
When the navigation is too long, the hamburger menu is a helpful option to incorporate a site menu without taking up too much room.
- condenses information
- achieves a minimalist aesthetic
- keeps site uncluttered


Considering the fact that one group of users is in the age-range over 50 years old, I didn’t think the hamburger menu is a smart choice for that target. I believe the main information and tasks that most users looking for, needs to be upfront and center to hook users immediately upon arrival.


Kept the hamburger menu and added 3 circles on hero image in homepage to guide users to a shortcut accomplishing their tasks.
Colors Colors